FilmArray System

Clinical Diagnostic System

Respiratory Pathogen Detection Made Simple! The FilmArray® is simplified molecular testing- easy to use, massive multiplex PCR that turns a sample into results in less than an hour.

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BioSurveillance Systems

BioSurveillance Systems

Our RAZOR® EX System provides a portable, rugged, battery packed instrument designed to analyze threat samples for deadly pathogens in under 30 minutes.

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LightScanner System

Hi-Res Melting® for Mutation Detection

Mutations in PCR products are detected by the presence of heteroduplexes optimally detected by our LCGreen® Plus dye.

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Food & Water Security Systems

Food & Water Security Testing

Idaho Technology's Food & Water Security systems and test kits are specially formulate for the fast detection of food and water borne pathogens.

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FilmArray Blood Culture Identification (BCID) Panel

BioSurveillance Systems

Since 1998 we have fielded BioSurveillance products that span the range of operations from the lab to the field, clinical diagnostics to environmental surveillance.

Mutation Discovery Using High Resolution Melting

The LightScanner is unsurpassed in its temperature control for plate-based systems. With superb sensitivity and specificity, this instrument is designed to meet the needs of high-throughput scanning projects.

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BioFire Diagnostics Inc. announces intent to merge with bioMérieux. (9/3/2013)

BioFire Initiates Clinical Study for the FilmArray® Gastrointestinal Panel (7/30/2013)

BioFire Receives FDA Clearance for the FilmArray® Blood Culture Identification Panel (6/25/2013)

BioFire Obtains CE IVD Mark for FilmArray® Blood Culture Identification Panel (5/6/2013)

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The FilmArray® user-friendly multiplex PCR

Lab directors everywhere are seeing faster results with the FilmArray. See how the FilmArray is affecting institutions and learn how the system can make your lab more effective and help improve patient outcomes.

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January 9 - 13
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CVS - 30th Annual Clinical Virology Symposium
April 27 - 30
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"Implementation of FilmArray Respiratory Viral Panel in a Core Laboratory Improves Testing Turnaround Time and Patient Care" American Journal of Clinical Pathology, January 2013

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